Monday, February 6, 2012

Now, what about me?

So we have a basic rhythm in place, we've found some peace (though I would like to cut back on the "running around." We've some how gotten into the habit, whenever we are bored, of saying, "Hey, let's go ___." I want to establish more of a home culture for these things). Now, where is this all leading?

For my birthday, I got a little desk and chair (as well as an uber-ergonomic keyboard!). This is where it is all leading. Over the weekend I got my OWN rhythm in order, and so now I have scheduled time for myself, to accomplish my goals. We've found the right amount of balance here where the Chief feels like he gets enough time to to what he needs to do, and I am getting the time I need as well.

Our service project for the homeless veterans in Worcester is coming to a close. If anyone has any last minute hats to donate, you will need to contact me in the next couple days, because I will be heading out to Veteran's Inc. on Tuesday, February 14th (Valentines!) to make our big delivery.

As far as Monkey Missions go, it is wonderful to see the Chief so interested in what I am doing. He is really thinking about others now, people who need things more than we do, and I can't ask for anything better than that. He's going to be helping I think with a Monkey Mission very soon. :)

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