Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crochet to the beat!

I love crocheting to the sound of my husband playing the drums downstairs. It makes everything feel so connected. It's nice when we can all be doing what we love to do. Even my son is enjoying himself down there with Dad.

I had an epiphany about the story that was rejected last week. There was very little of my voice in that story, the thing about my stories which makes them mine. It lacked the dreamy quality which I like in my stories, which also makes them less likely to succeed in the huge selling market, but I'm caring less about that these days. People enjoy reading those stories, but the magazines which buy them don't have a huge amount of $$ to pay. That's OK, though. I'd rather have people read my stories and reach people who appreciate them and get something from them than change my writing style to suit the markets of big sellers. So I have something to work on now. I'm considering making this part of an anthology of my more "spiritual"/mythical stories (most of which were already published) and publishing them myself on Amazon as an ebook.

These are hanks of wool yarn I bought yesterday at the Apple Country Fair in Brookfield, MA. I've wanted to buy some local wool for some time now, but hadn't had the opportunity to find some in nice colors that weren't half cat fur at well... I'm very exciting to work with these. I'm thinking that some toddler sized sweaters might be just the thing...

Today we are off to pick pumpkins!

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