Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tangled in loose ends...

It's that time of year where I am starting to go into hibernation mode. Especially on foggy, cloudy days like this. I want to curl up and just sleep. But... I have sweater sets to finish, stories to write. Oh, yes, and some homeschooling to do.

I've been reading some Steiner lately, starting with his book, Kingdom of Childhood. I find his thoughts fascinating, and I'm very happy to see that what I read so far can be easily reconcilable with some of the important parts of leadership education. I may do posts from time to time summarizing what I read and sharing my thoughts about Steiner's lectures.

Husband made apple butter over the weekend from the cortlands we picked at the orchard. We'll have a plethora of good things to put on our bread this winter. He also made a pie and some bread. What a handy husband!

For school thus far we've been reading, practicing some form drawing, and working on times tables. I have ordered the things I need for the beginning part of the school year, and so hopefully we can get organized over the weekend and really get into things next week for our morning learning time. We've been out of it for way too long.

I'm in the middle of two crochet projects. One is a custom project for someone who has already ordered it (thank you!). The other is a "sleep sack," a one-piece sack with sleeves that zips up over baby's pajamas. I'll post pictures of both when I am finished. I do take custom orders, so if anyone sees anything they like, but they want a different color or size, please feel free to shoot me an email or ask away on my Facebook page (link is to the right on this page).

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